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About us

Studio W – an advertising and artistic agency. It was established in  1992. Its registered office is located in Wrocław (in Karkonoska street 10). Studio W production activities include: movies and TV-shows, commercials, advertising and promotional campaigns, PR campaigns,  multimedia productions, exhibitions, conferences, on-stage projects, media trainings (tools and communication skills advices), european training and outsourcing of employees .

A variety of activities such as movies, radio, commercials, PR, internet and stage. We cooperate with some of the best specialists; cameramen, editors, graphic designers and producers. We conduct various campaigns and always deliver a complete product to our clients at reasonable costs.

Throughout the years we have made a couple of hundred various productions, including; reportages and coverages, documentaries, commercials, promotional films, and even short action features. We operate not only in Poland but all over the world. We have been and shot movies over the arctic circle as well as down under at the Antipodes. We don’t avoid dangerous locations and spots, for example; we made coverage in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Bosnian War, the violent Israel’s Intifada or in Lebanon – hustled by religious conflicts. We realize both ordered promotional films as well as our own screenplays and concepts.

We are a production company, however, we can also take over the responsibilities of an executive producer or co-producers. We have at our disposal all of the necessary movie production items and equipment including cameras and editing room. But above all we cooperate with the best specialists available in the market. Our crew consists of top cameramen, sound designers and recordists, editors and computer graphic designers. We deliver to our customers a complete product, wrapped and ready to air in every ordered language, format or media.

The productions of Studio W have been awarded in various Polish and international festivals including the prestigious REMI Award at the Houston Festival (USA). We have created films ordered by the biggest and most powerful networks in Poland such as; The Polish National Television (TVP), TVN or Polsat. Furthermore we have completed orders from national institutions and private customers or principals like : The Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, Marshal’s Departments or the PHARE Foundation.

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The “Studio W” has an impressive experience in the field of creating commercial products, such us : brief advertising spots for both TV and Radio, promotional films, flyers and pamphlets, covert advertising or billboards. We have made partnerships with some of the major companies, such as : Warka, Volvo, Remondis, RADWAR, Świętokrzyska Agencja Rozwoju Regionu S.A, Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy, Ecolean, Gant, Marshal’s Departments of Małopolska and Lower Silesia, Mostostal, Krajowy Rejestr Długów.

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